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You go through a simple step-by-step process and select the modules, tools, resources, and integrations you require. You can always upgrade or downgrade your platform

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We deploy a platform on your dedicated server and you can add your domain, logotype, and setup the rules of your community. membership terms and more

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The whole process takes even 10 minutes. In the end, you invite your community members, partners, employees, and co-workers and kickstart your business idea

What you can install on your platform


Provide a powerful e-learning platform for your employees, clients, and community members. Add your courses, sell your courses. Let your community build courses. Endless options


Provide useful tools, that are connected with your business strategy. Use our library or add your own tools or affiliate links to your partners platforms


Build a trading experience in your community. Build your internal e-commerce, offering, profiles, and tasks marketplace. Install ready-to-go marketplaces from our library or design your own.


Provide affiliation, loyalty, or partnership programs to your community. Use the power of recommendations to expand your user base. Reward people with money, points, or experiences


Provide social platforms to your community. Build Facebook, only fans, twitch type of groups. Let your community members build groups. Use powerful monetization options


Provide video and audio communication experience to your community. Build own video rooms, webinars, and broadcasting events. Let your community create them.


Provides private or public profiles to your members. Build personal branding experience, let them build webpages with e-commerce, affiliation, and blog.


Provide a Slack type of communication platform to your member. Build your support channels and ticketing system. Let people build their chat communication groups.

You can find more modules description when you join the platform

Online shops

Let members build their online shop or simple one-page selling pages

Ordering page

Let members build food, grocery, services delivery and takeaway ordering page

Booking page

Let members build calendar, booking, appointment, and visit pages


Let members manage their client database with all the necessary information

Content selling

Let members build pages for selling digital content like e-books or tickets to events

Course builder

Let members have an online course page they can offer to their followers


Let members build a membership subscription page they can offer to their audience

Video Rooms

Let members build private consultation video or audio rooms

Billing system

Let members manage their settlements, and build automated invoicing and billing

Online drive

Let members build and store their files in an encrypted online drive.

Loyalty program

Let members build loyalty and partnership program and offer it to their audience

Sales manager

Let members build sales funnels, and pipelines and deal with follow-ups with ease

You can find more tools when you join the platform for free

Affiliation marketplace

Provide a marketplace where people can add products and others can recommend them for money on their social media. Use it for physical or digital products

Shopping marketplace

Provide a shopping marketplace where people can add their products or services and sell them under your brand. A modern drop shipping experience

Tasks marketplace

Provide a task marketplace where people can add tasks and others can complete them for money. Designed for all types of tasks: gigs, social media, freelancing

Profiles marketplace

Provide a social linkedin-type marketplace, where people can add their profiles, others can find them, and start a discussion.

Offers marketplace

Provide an offers marketplace where people can add their offers, others can find them, and start a discussion. Perfect for selling specialistic services, businesses, finding partners for a startup

Properties marketplace

Provide an Airbnb type of marketplace, where people can add their properties and others can book them. Build a business model around it

Uber marketplace

Provide an Uber-type sharing economy marketplace, that connects people that are willing to complete logistic tasks with those who are looking for it. Perfect for transportation, delivery, tracking, specialists

Booking marketplace

Provide a booksy type of marketplace where people can add their services that can be booked and others can find them. Build a business around it

You can find more marketplaces when you join the platform
You can find more integrations when you join the platform

Demo platforms you can explore

Full community

This platform stimulate a full community, that focus on learning people things that are used later on the platform

E-learning platform

This platform focus on building community around courses that can be added by operators or community members

Shopping platform

This platform show how to build an internal shopping experience for your community members

Affiliation platform

This platform shows how to use a power of recommendation and affiliation to scale your members number

Tools platform

This platform show how to provide different tools to community members

Products platform

This platform show how to build and use community around exisiting product or service

Communication platform

This platform show how to build a communication and information tube with your community members

OTT platform

This platform show how to build additional revenue streams platform on top of your existing telco product

as your web and mobile app

The platform will give you a full experience regardless of your device. It's designed to be a web-browser, iOS, Android, and Huaweii APP

Frequently Asked Question

Is it for new or existing communities?

We designed our platform to be good for business regardless a size. You can have 10,000 people and move them to your platform or you can start to build it from the scratch

What options for monetization do you offer?

Here everything can be free or everything can be paid. You select your platform business model construction. You can offer people resources internally, You can build it as a membership service or allow people to buy selected resources like products, access to groups, and courses. Imagination is the limit

Do you respect my data, community members?

It's a good question! We're a technology enterprise. We provide you with a full community solution that will be installed on your dedicated server in your dedicated location. From a technial point of view, we're like a hosting company

Can I integrate it with my existing software?

Yes you can. First of all we provide you with various of APIs for smaller and larger integration. On top of that keeping no-code policy real you will be able to use a library of pre-developed integration we will provide you

How much it costs?

Sign up for free! Start the platform generator and choose what do you want to install on it. We will show you a dynamic price per month. It can be as low as $49 for start

Are the technologies yours?

Yes, all the modules, tools, and marketplaces were specifically designed for our platform usage. We're keeping an eye on all updates and improvements, so you don't have to worry about that

Still have a question about our service?support@dgtrs.com